Gymnasium beta
My highschool was a very particular education: the gymnasium beta old style. That meant 13 examination subjects, including 6 languages (Greek, Latin, English, French, German and Dutch) despite the fact that it was a beta education, focusing on mathematics, physics and chemics!

My diploma did not say: “graduated” (from highschool), but “admitted” (to university).

The school was a remnant of the idea of educating children to become renaissance men, with a very broad world view, and definitely as a basis for further education at the university.
I think this site kind of proves that the school did a good job!

I have always remained fascinated by the ancient civilisations, especially the really old ones: the Egyptean and Mycenean periods. This inspired me to dig deeper into two subjects, both leading to revolutionary theories about the past.
I hope you enjoy them!

The Cheops Pyramid
I was really excited by the book “The Orion Mystery” by Robert Duval, a Belgian-Egyptean engineer, about the spiritual world of the ancient Egypteans, and the way they expressed that world in their buildings. As a member of the first email listings about the subject at the time (we are talking about the nineties) I got to think about the great pyramid and the way it was built. That resulted in a rather fabulous theory! Even if I am completely wrong, it still is a nice theory!

Where on earth is Ithaca?
Another book that really inspired me was the first version of the book¬† “Where on earth is Ithaca?” by Cees Goekoop in 1990. Goekoop had read the Odyssee by Homer as a nautical instruction and found out where the beloved homeland of Odysseus actually was, 3000 years ago. A magnificent quest, with loads of proof!

Traveling through Greece with the book in my hand in 2006, finding all the landmarks that I once had read in the Odyssee, was astonishing!
When I found out that the Greek were building appartments right where the palace of Odysseus must have been, completely unaware of that because the book was in Dutch, I decided that an English translation had to be made and published on internet. Cees Goekoop agreed, and we made and published a revised version in English.
If you are interested: for educational purposes I can provide you with the books for just the transport costs.

I plan to make a nice page about the Ithaca question, for now there is just the announcement of the book.

I have given presentations about the book to schools and interested other groups, and when I do, I present a remarkable theory about the location of ancient Ithaca that is different than the original theory of Cees Goekoop. During the almost 4 years we worked on the book, mr Goekoop never agreed with me, but the week before the book was published, he called me and said that he decided that I was actually right, and that he had made a very subtle but essential change to the book…
Did I tickle your curiosity now?

Homer’s Ithaca harbour and palace location nowadays….

My old highschool in Breda